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  • Chapitre 2 – Savez-vous, Arthur

    « Savez-vous, Arthur, lorsqu’une patiente vient me voir pour un examen et commence à me parler de ses symptômes, de la façon dont elle souffre et de son problème, j’observe rarement ses vêtements. Je ne remarque jamais si elle est joliment habillée et si elle porte des soies et des diamants ou si elle est…

  • Chapter 2 – Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy

    “Do you know, Arthur, when a patient comes to me for examination and begins to talk to me about symptoms, how she suffers, and what her trouble is, I seldom observe the patient’s clothing. I never notice whether she is beautifully dressed and wears silks and diamonds or covered with homespun cloth. I am listening…

  • Chapitre 1 – Idée organisatrice

    Il est bien connu que les plus grands ostéopathes du royaume de France et de Navarre ont des mains magiques. Ceci est d’ailleurs tellement évident qu’en école d’ostéopathie les professeurs répètent cela jour après jour à leurs élèves. Après tout, pourquoi devraient-ils remettre cela en question ? Ils le tiennent eux-mêmes de leurs professeurs, qui…

  • Chapter 1 – Forget the hands

    When someone touches my shoulder, do I actually feel someone’s hand? Think about it. Are we ever able to feel something that isn’t part of us? I’d say no. I never feel anything else but my own body. Why does it matter? I believe it matters, especially for manual therapists. We are trained being told…

  • Introduction

    Hier encore, vous étiez en train de regarder le journal télévisé en vous posant la question suivante : Comment cela pourrait-il être pire ? Réjouissez-vous mes amis, car je vous amène la réponse. Et vous n’allez point être déçus. En effet, j’ai fait le choix de me remettre à écrire. Je vous entends d’ici :…

  • Introduction

    After having thoroughly checked on the Internet, it appears that depriving the world of my writing skills is considered an offense in most countries, on most planets (and yes, Pluto still counts, I do not care what “smart” people say), and in most universes. Also, I decided not to take any risks and to start…

  • Pain mechanisms and osteopathy

    Pain mechanisms and osteopathy

    Pain mechanisms are a very interesting thing to study in order to change the way we treat our patients. Don’t worry, it won’t change the techniques you’ll use, because they don’t matter. But it might change the way you see things and the way you explain your action. And this is a big deal. How…

  • How to be more confident

    How to be more confident

    If you are a normal human being, you might sometimes wonder what you would be able to achieve if you were as confident as Tom Cruise or as a TikTok influencer. Well, to be perfectly honest, I am pretty sure even Tom Cruise finds TikTok influencers utterly (overly?) confident, and even I, a cocky Frenchy,…

  • How to suffer less

    How to suffer less

    I suffer at times. We all do, don’t we? Pretending the opposite would just mean that I’m in denial. Not really the point of writing articles here and sharing my thoughts with you, right? Having been lucky enough to live in different places around the world, I’ve met so many different individuals, and I have…

  • Knowing nothing

    Knowing nothing

    And accepting it

  • Headaches and osteopathy

    Headaches and osteopathy

    What does a treatment look like?

  • Respect the rhythm of your meditation

    Respect the rhythm of your meditation

    Stop pretending you are in charge

  • What is meditation?

    What is meditation?

    Definition: Doing no thing

  • Treating babies in osteopathy

    Treating babies in osteopathy

    Advice to young practitioners

  • An embodied meditation

    An embodied meditation

    Meditation isn’t for the mind

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