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About Jules

Online meditation teacher and osteopath

Hello, my name is Jules. I help people to experience Stillness, leading them to feel less pain, less anxiety and a deepened experience of their body.

I work as an online meditation teacher and as an osteopath. My courses are for people who want to learn meditation with guided sessions, and for therapists who want to delve into the way they feel and the knowledge they can gather for their clients.

I have international experiences; indeed, I worked in France (where I’m from), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and at Cavan Osteopathic Clinic, Ireland. I currently work in Gordes, France. I speak French and fluent English (though, with a lovely French accent), and am a registered osteopath in France, Portugal, and Ireland.

In parallel to my profession as an osteopath, I have been practicing meditation on an everyday basis for years, and for several hours a day to further connect with my patients. I often teach meditation to my patients and am now offering you the opportunity to learn it with me online.

I have a condition called synaethesia and a very developed empathy which often allows me to experience the pain my patients have, their emotions, or to feel someone’s reaction to a guided meditation, even at a distance. Because of that, my guided meditations are highly tailored to my clients. Along the years, I have taught meditation to hundreds of people.

I am more than happy to help, even if it’s just to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact me here. My door is always open, and I welcome you the chance to discuss and enquire.

If you want to book an osteopathic session in Gordes, you can contact me here: Jules Rampal ostéopathe Gordes.

About Jules Rampal, Meditation teacher and osteopath. Empathy and synaesthesia at the service of people who want to learn meditation
Serving people towards a better health, more independence and a deeper listening of their body.
Jules rampal