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After having thoroughly checked on the Internet, it appears that depriving the world of my writing skills is considered an offense in most countries, on most planets (and yes, Pluto still counts, I do not care what “smart” people say), and in most universes. Also, I decided not to take any risks and to start over. Dear reader, I can hear you asking “Hasn’t the world suffered enough?”, and believe me, I am deeply sorry, but the law is the law.

Of course, not every single article will be good. But please rest assured that some will be even worse! Due to some lucky events in my life, I was able to learn both French and English. I consider myself bilingual, which basically means that I have the ability to show the world how poor my writing is in both languages. And that’s precisely what I intend to do here. But be careful because, most of the time, I will not translate my texts. They will often be different because French and English have different structures, and therefore different functions.

Now, what is the object of this space? Obviously, we will talk about osteopathy because it is a beautiful topic, an extremely rich one in my opinion, and my legendary humility forces me to admit that I am absolutely cracker at it. This being said this is the wee blog of a human being working as an osteopath, and for this reason, you will find more personal topics here, including meditation, stillness, Nature, philosophy, phenomenology, life, death, being human, etc.

Dear reader, please be kind to others by taking care of yourself.

Talk to you soon






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