Chapter 7 – Feel wide

I see the walls, the bed, my computer, my hands, the sides of my nose.

I can try to focus on my eyes as if I want to see them.

If I do so, I only see an infinitesimal portion of what I can see.

I can focus on a part, such as the wall, but I cannot see the wall only.

This attention is more a cognitive ability than anything else, even though I can pretend squinting my eyes will improve my sight.

Now, let’s talk about touch.

I touch with my hands, but my hands don’t touch.

Focusing on the hands while touching a patient would be the same as focusing on your eyes while seeing.

Touch is a much wider sensation than what is happening under the hands.

By focusing on the hands, the osteopath focuses on an infinitesimal portion of what they touch.

If there’s more than meets the eye, there’s definitely more than meets the hands.

Feel wide, or you won’t feel much.

Feel wide, and you will feel your patient’s pain and their lesions.

Feel wide, but don’t imagine you have to come back into your body for there are no inside or outside. There is only a perception of an inside and an outside.

Feel wide, or you will forever be blind and will start to use mobility tests in order to find what to treat. Feel wide or you will start looking for somatic dysfunctions and cranial waves. Feel wide or you’ll pretend A.T. Still was either a crook or someone with a special gift.

Feel wide or be a feeble-minded, weak-kneed osteopath.







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