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“How do I get started with meditation?”, or “How do I maintain focus in my meditation?” A lot of people ask themselves these questions because they don’t know where to start or are unable let go of their thoughts. In my guided and tailored 1-On-1 Meditation session, we will work together on getting over that roadblock to deepen your experience of meditation. The goal? Doing less so more can happen.

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Private mentoring

1-on-1 Meditation

1-on-1 session(s) for beginners and the
experienced. This guided session will help
you to focus and to untangle the
complexity of meditation & meditating.


Different prices to fit your needs

• Single Private Session of €60, 1 hour
• Package of 4 Private Sessions:
€240 €200, 1-hour each

From anywhere

Learn meditation online

With technology, you can practice without
leaving the comfort of your home or from
anywhere around the world. I offer
meditation in French and English.

Bespoke service

Highly Tailored Experience

Having a very developed empathy,
I can tailor the session for you and follow your
pace. I know when to fast forward and
when to slow down.

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Doing less so more can happen


Learning meditation alone can be quite complex. The offers online are so huge and lack clarity. People often contact me as they feel lost and don’t know where to begin. One-on-one meditations with me provides you with the tools to start and avoid most traps that people fall in.

Meditation is often presented as a way to control your mind. For me, it is a way to explore your body. By body, I mean your physical body, your emotions, and your thoughts altogether. Have you ever practiced meditation but then have too much thoughts racing around? We can address that problem together.

Moreover, my background as an osteopath makes me very good at helping people who suffer from pain related to stress. Does your neck pain/headaches/stomach aches, period pain or other forms of pain increase when you are under pressure? Then what I teach can help you with a solution.

Finally, I am a real empath, with a slight dose of synaesthesia. That makes me good at feeling people’s pain and emotions. Yes, even at a distance. I am also quite skilled at feeling how you are inhabiting your body, if you are lost in your thoughts, if I can fast forwards or if I need to slow down. This is why I offer a highly tailored product that can help people to go deeper into stillness.

Best of all, our interaction doesn’t stop after your meditation program is complete. I always believe in communication and connection. My door is always open for you to ask questions or discuss.


Single Private Session

1-on-1 tailored meditation value €60
1-hour duration
Who it’s catered for:
• For beginners who want to meditate
• For intermediates who want to
continue meditating and go deeper
into stillness

4 sessions package

A package of four 1-on-1 tailored
1-hour duration each
Who it’s catered for:
• For beginners and intermediates
who want more support
*Schedule anytime based on availability,
valid for a duration of 4 months from the
date of booking.

jules rampal meditation

About Jules Rampal

Meditation teacher and osteopath

I am an online meditation teacher and osteopath. My courses are for people who want to learn meditation with guided sessions, and for therapists who want to delve into the way they feel and the knowledge they can gather for their clients.
Learn more about me here